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​* BATHROOM BREAKS.  We are more than happy to let your dog(s) in and out, to use the washroom.  This small gesture can save some owners from arriving home to a little surprise. 

* BOWL CLEANING.Dirty dog/ cat dishes, not a problem. Our team will clean your dog/cat dishes (with hot water only). Adding fresh water when done of course. 

* LITTER BOX SAND. Does sand from the litter box seems to always end up around the litter box? Our team will pick up and move the litter box so that we can vacuum and mop around and under your cats litter box. 

* AND MANY MORE OPTIONS.Some pets have allergies, some clients prefer no floor cleaner so pets wont lick it up. However we can accommodate you and your pet(s), please let us know.

 PCS ispet friendly


  Honestly, pets are the best part of the job!

  They are fun to work with and your pet(s) and cleaners do

  develop a working relationship with each other. See below 

  some of the steps we take to ensure your little loved ones 

  are as comfortable with us in their home as you are

* TREAT TIME!! During the personalized walk through show us

where you keep your little ones treats. That way when we arrive 

to clean they are happy to see us cause they know it's TREAT TIME!!